3 Benefits Of A Building Automation System for Commercial Building

Check out these three benefits of a building automation system for commercial building.

Check out these three benefits of a building automation system for your commercial building.

A building automation system, or BAS, is essential for ensuring your building is operating efficiently and remains comfortable and safe for occupants. The system automates many of the tasks that are required to run HVAC, and is very beneficial for building owners and those who work or live there. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits that a building automation system can have for your building.

Advanced Energy Management

A BAS controls almost all electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems, including the HVAC, lights, power, security, alarms, and more. This gives building owners easy access to control areas that use the most energy and cost the most money to operate, including the heating and cooling system. The system makes it simple to cut energy bills by scheduling lights to turn off when no one is in the room, and controlling the temperature of each area rather than cooling the entire building.

Lower Environmental Impact

Energy efficient building management systems are essential for making buildings as energy efficient and eco-friendly as possible. As you cut down on energy costs with the BAS, you also improve your building’s energy efficiency. The system improves environmental impact through the ability to control multiple indoor climates as efficiently as possible. This helps to eliminate extra energy usage, which is a significant environmental concern today. In addition to cutting back on electricity, you can also connect the BAS to the plumbing, which helps to reduce water usage.

Improved Security

Another great benefit of a building automation system is the increased security for your building. The BAS can be connected to security systems, which makes it easy to monitor everything that happens within the building and surrounding area. For example, you can easily schedule the doors to lock at a specific time every day, and provide employees or essential personnel a key card or code to gain access. The system will also send alerts and notifications if anything happens that needs immediate attention.


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