3 Cybersecurity Measures to Protect Your Electrical Systems Government Facility

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Cybersecurity is important in all facets of your government facility, including operationally.

When you think of cybersecurity, the initial thought that comes to mind is probably a lengthy and complex string of informational technology systems combined with generous experts in black suits and ties typing rapidly on a futuristic keyboard. This is the type of cybersecurity we see in movies and on TV. While this is clearly overexaggerated for the sake of drama, there is some truth to this. In general, most cybersecurity measures are put in place to protect IT systems that contain a lot of sensitive data. However, did you know that cybersecurity techniques can also be applied to operational technology (OT?) OT is equally as vulnerable as its close sister IT to cyber attacks from hackers and system hijackers, and government electrical systems facilities are no exception. Here are 3 cybersecurity steps you can protect your electrical systems government facility from potential menaces. 

Seek Expert Assistance

OT and IT are similar in many ways, but they are also fundamentally different. One difference lies in where the security protocols should be targeted. For instance, IT systems priorities are integrity, confidentiality, and availability, while OT electrical systems are resilience, confidentiality, and safety. Understanding the differences usually is up to a professional who is well versed in both OT and IT systems. Another factor is to make sure that all electrical systems monitoring can be done remotely, preferably through a Cloud-based program for easy access from anywhere. 

Ensure Proper Controls

A specialist trained in OT electrical systems will be able to identify any problem areas your government facility may have and put the controls in place in order to alleviate them. Examples include installing programs to certain areas of the electrical systems with advanced security clearances depending on the occupational level and role. In addition, the controls can be specified to certain areas of the government facility, so the programs can be custom-tailored to any part of the building. These measures can off-put potential hackers from targeting your electrical systems facility due to the nature of the customized and user-specific programming.

Train Staff Thoroughly

One problem with being human is that we naturally produce errors. Many times, hackers find the means of cybersecurity attacks through man-made loopholes or mistakes in programming that may go undetected. But, there are still measures you can take to limit error. The best way to address this is by fully training your staff and employees on the very real threats of cybersecurity on the operational systems of the electrical systems. An optimized multi-step program detailing common hacking risks and potential scams can help to limit employee error and add an additional level of security to your government facility. 


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