The 3 Stages For Whole Building Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Learn about the three stages for while building energy retrofits.

Learn about the three stages for while building energy retrofits.

As many energy efficient buildings are being built with smart technology included, existing buildings also have the opportunity to boost energy efficiency. Whole building energy efficiency is possible to achieve in existing buildings with three simple stages. Continue reading to learn more about the three-stage approach for building retrofits.

Improve Operations

The first stage is to inspect the building, learn the best ways to conserve energy, and maintain the building with preventative maintenance. Start with a regular system inspection as well as a building energy audit to inspect your major building systems. Then, track your energy usage and efficiency gains through the building retrofit process. Have a professional look at the building’s energy performance to give you tips about areas you can effectively address, such as old and outdated systems. In an office building, the occupants’ behavior has a significant impact on the overall energy profile, and switching to power saving strategies will give building owners the largest ROI.

Reduce Energy Loads

Take a look at any incentive programs from your major local utility providers, as they often provide great incentives for upgraded equipment. Some utility providers offer money for energy efficient lighting, HVAC, or simply for using less energy during peak times. These incentives not only decrease the upfront cost of installing new energy efficient equipment in the building, but will also lead to quicker paybacks.

LED lighting is another great way to reduce energy loads, as they require less energy while emitting less radiant heat. Energy efficient office buildings often use room sensors and task lighting to reduce as much energy from lighting as possible.

Upgrade Building Systems

As your building reduces energy and heat loads, you may find that you can downsize your HVAC equipment. Downsizing/upgrading to a new HVAC can have great energy efficiency benefits, as you can have a programmable thermostat and building automation system to automatically save energy.


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