3 Ways The Internet of Things Will Impact The World

The Internet of Things

Have you heard about the Internet of Things? Here are a few impacts you may not know it will have on the world.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a phrase that has been popping up everywhere, as it’s used to refer to smart technology from iPhones to smart houses. To put it simply, the IoT is the interconnectivity between all smart gadgets and technology on the market and internet. While the phrase is becoming increasingly popular, it may surprise people how much of an impact it will have on the world as we know it.

Smart Appliances Will Do Everything

We’ve seen new smart appliances on the market, and they will only increase with time and grow in popularity. Smart appliances are being designed to do all the work for you, whether that means managing your grocery list, your home’s electricity, or a building’s temperature.

Improved Healthcare

The Internet of Things is well-suited for the healthcare industry, as it monitors data from devices that can be extremely helpful for doctors and nurses. Some hospitals have already started to use smart beds, which inform nurses when patients leave their beds. These smart beds are also helpful for maximizing comfort for every patient, which in turn lessens the workload of nurses trying their best to make every patient as comfortable as possible. The IoT will also allow hospitals to utilize new technology and track vital statistics, once again helping to lessen the workload of nurses and doctors who are often overloaded with patients.

Help The Flow of Traffic

Imagine a city without traffic jams or rush hour- wouldn’t that be great? While the IoT may not be able to stop all traffic jams completely, smart technology is helping reduce the flow of traffic to make driving as efficient as possible. With smart cars as well as smart traffic lights, stop lights can be adjusted with the flow of heavy traffic to create more efficient timing between lights. Also, a smart highway will make roads more energy efficient by using solar energy and lights built into the lanes to reduce street lamp electricity. The highway will also be much safer for drivers, as the technology could warn cars of bad conditions or traffic ahead.


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