4 Components Monitored by a Building Management System

A Building Management System ensures that your building is operating efficiently.

At Schneider Electric Critical Systems, we recognize that building efficiency begins with centralized management. A Building Management Systems (BMS) enables you to monitor, control, and optimize your building’s performance throughout its lifecycle, ensuring that operations are being run safely and efficiently. By managing the following aspects of your commercial building, a BMS can ensure that your building operates efficiently and consistently all read round.

Distribution of Power

Power surges or jumps in power are common problems in commercial buildings, as they can severely damage costly equipment. A BMS ensures that power distribution is consistent and clean once it reaches computer equipment, improving efficiency and building safety. System managers should be altered with any issues facing the power system, which a BMS can provide.

Temperature Control

A humid, irregular temperature can cause damage to your commercial building and the equipment inside of it. Controlling the temperature is an often overlooked, yet necessary aspect of maintaining efficiency and energy conservation. With a BMS, the temperature of your building can be controlled to ensure a consistent environment.


Maintaining the security of your commercial building ensures the safety of your equipment and your employees. A BMS can guarantee that approved individuals enter the colocation center at all times. Building security is managed through on-site through keycard readers, scanners, and sensors.

Data Analysis

A BMS collects and stores historical data that system managers can use for trend analysis and examination. By analyzing collected data, operators can predict an issue or necessary maintenance before a possible system failure.  


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