4 Internet of Things Smart Building Trends

Learn about four IoT smart building trends in 2018.

Learn about four IoT smart building trends in 2018.

Smart building technologies are continually advancing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is constantly evolving and growing. In 2018, we see more and more people ready to embrace the new smart building innovations and update their commercial buildings. In fact, for commercial buildings, it’s clear that smart buildings are crucial for improving efficiency and operations, as well as saving money.

Predictive Maintenance

One new IoT smart building trend is the use of predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance uses IoT sensors and other devices to get a report on the building and all the equipment inside. The sensors know when maintenance needs to be performed, and will send an alert with the exact time it needs to be serviced.

Air Quality

Smart building air quality has been found to have a huge impact on workplace productivity. A recent study shows that workers are 101 percent more efficient when working in buildings with good indoor environmental quality, over conventional commercial buildings. This is a significant impact, so IoT devices are being used to check and measure air quality and CO2 levels in office buildings to keep workers healthy and productive.

Tracking Information

IoT has also completely transformed the way facility managers can track information and measure data in commercial buildings. Facility owners can install sensors all over the building to track information that they have never been able to access in the past, and can even collect data in inaccessible areas. IoT also offers the ability to collect real-time data, which gives builders insights to react quickly to new trends.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the most essential impact of IoT and smart buildings, as sensors provide information for managers to control various parts of the building and reduce harmful waste. There are multiple examples of using IoT for energy efficiency, including sensors for temperature control, actuators for HVAC controls, real-time communications, and using weather forecasts to save energy costs.


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