4 Significant Benefits Of Net Zero Energy Buildings

Learn about just a few of the significant benefits of net zero energy buildings.

Learn about just a few of the significant benefits of net zero energy buildings.

When net zero energy buildings were first being talked about, many people were skeptical about their benefits and were not willing to embrace the changes. Today, zero energy buildings are becoming more mainstream, as they have proven they are worth the hype. Continue reading to learn about just a few of the significant benefits of net zero energy buildings.


Of course, the main benefit of net zero energy buildings (NZEBs) is how energy efficient they are. NZEBs provide self-limiting mechanisms to drive efficiency by forcing buildings to reduce their energy use intensity. Also, the buildings have a financial mechanism for efficient systems, resulting in the need for fewer renewables. Even as renewable prices decrease, zero energy is the most cost-effective solution for increasing energy efficiency.

Reduces Greenhouse Gases

Zero energy buildings limit the dependence on fossil fuels or even eliminate any need for them. This, in turn, creates a more resilient future that benefits everyone, including future generations, around the world.

Supports Local Economies

Another great benefit of NZEBs is that the purchase of building-mounted solar panels is great for the local economy. The majority of solar industry jobs are in the installation process, so NZEBs provide additional jobs to the area. Also, many people choose real estate assets as the key component of their investment portfolio and buildings that are durable and less expensive to operate provides a stable investment.

Buildings Connect With Occupants

Whether it is an apartment building or an office building, NZEBs tune occupants into the energy performance of the building. The buildings are so efficient that the largest loads are from occupants, so zero energy performance rests in the hands of those who live or work in the building. Those who live or work in a NZEB directly benefit from the energy efficient operations and feel connected with their building. Also, occupants of NZEBs are likely to share their experience and knowledge with others, allowing more and more people to learn about the many benefits of these buildings.


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