4 Tips For Prioritizing Data Center Modernization Efforts

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Here are the best ways to maximize data center modernization and make sure the process goes smoothly.

When managing data centers, it’s important to keep up with technology upgrades and continue to modernize the infrastructure. If modernization is neglected for too long, it will compromise the data center performance and responsiveness. Continue reading for four tips for prioritizing data center modernization efforts by considering the aspects that will impact performance and reliability the most.

Scalability, Security, and Visibility 

When modernizing your data center design, start by emphasizing scalability, security, and visibility to assets. Scalability is vital for modern data centers to ensure they can handle the influx of data and provide powerful processing and AI capabilities for analysis while maintaining high availability. Security is also crucial, as customer data must be protected through a technology ecosystem that ensures a very secure environment. As for visibility, Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure IT is a Software as a Service, or SaaS, based asset management product that is very helpful for providing the needed asset visibility. Data center staff members can view their smartphones and have easy access to all the devices on the network. From the dashboard, administrators can look into any device or alarm and immediately start troubleshooting whenever it is necessary.

Redundancy and Power Protection

Next, identify the servers and systems within the data center that require the highest levels and availability. These servers and systems should be configured to support longer runtime and high levels of redundancy and should be placed in a different area in separate racks. The concept of “targeted availability” helps increase the availability of critical systems while avoiding a significant capital expense across the data center. Higher levels of redundancy such as dual feeds all the way to the rack should be considered for these vital data centers and networks. 

Precision Cooling and Power Density Control

Be sure to also lean towards precision cooling and power density control in your data center. Machine learning and AI technology needs compute power that produces concentrated heat in a data center, known as hotspots. This means that precision air cooling devices should be deployed and power loads closely monitored to maximize compute-uptime. 

Industry-Specific Requirements

Lastly, consider specific requirements that relate to your industry. IT and data centers staffs must be aware of not only how physical infrastructure is being impacted by technology trends, but also by industry-specific business transformation. For example, in the retail industry, data centers process thousands of transactions and orders that come in from storefronts, websites, and corporate headquarters every day. In the healthcare industry, electronic medical records make it crucial for medical staff to have consistent and secure access to the IT system. The rack systems, security, IT management software, and power and cooling in the data center that protect the servers and storage are all essential elements in supporting the medical records system uptime.


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