4 Ways to Develop An Effective Data Center Strategy

Data Center Management

Learn how you can effectively create a data center strategy.

In recent years, creating and planning a data center strategy has become an incredibly complex task. Companies are currently faced with a variety of options, from modernizing an old facility to starting from the ground up. As a result, many IT organizations are reconsidering their data center strategy. Quantity, purpose, redundancy, and security are all being examined for opportunities to improve the quality of service.

Understanding Your Current State

You can start developing a data center strategy by examining your existing data center. What condition is it in? How rigorous are the current IT Operations and Facilities Management processes? Asking the right questions is the key to understanding your current state and future requirements.

Determine a Strategy

Every data center must have a clearly defined purpose, so start by determining yours. Will it be under private ownership and management, leased wholesale, or will you adopt an enterprise Infrastructure as a service capability? Where will your data center be located? Most importantly, what is your budget?

Assess Buy, Build, and Colocation

Many businesses tend to believe that a “build” solution is cheaper than the alternatives. Colocation services, however, have become a viable option for businesses ranging in size. Providing the flexibility to adjust use to changing businesses and technology needs, colocation services (going “colo”) could be a more efficient choice in the long run. Unfortunately, colocation services also raise issues of control, and security, so careful monitoring is necessary.

Create The Team

Creating and implementing a cost-effective and efficient data center strategy is a group effort. Consider the businesses short and long-term direction, and turn the effort into a team affair. The best data center strategies assess issues before they’re even able to become issues. So take your time, work with all angles, and your organization will produce a quality data center.

Data Center Management Services

Once you have clearly established your data center strategy and begin construction, ensuring proper management of your data center is crucial. It’s important to efficiently manage UPS, power distribution, generators, and cooling systems through ensure the continuous readiness of your data. At Schneider Electric Critical Systems, we can provide a single source through which to view and control all aspects of your data center’s performance.


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