5 New Technologies That Are Enhancing Smart Buildings

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At Critical Systems, we’re constantly looking for intelligent solutions to reduce building’s overall energy consumption.

As technology continues to advance, engineers and builders are on the constant lookout to increase the number of smart buildings constructed while retrofitting older buildings with automation and control technologies. At Schneider Electric Critical Systems, we’re constantly looking for intelligent solutions to reduce a building’s overall energy consumption and provide our clients with secure and effectively managed results. Here are a few technology trends that you should be aware of.

Biometric Integration

Researchers are discovering ways to increase productivity in office buildings by using sensors to detect and trigger the control of lighting and thermal comfort. These findings could reduce stress in hospitals and other environments by mimicking circadian rhythms. With biometric integration, buildings could be able to take advantage of lighting and environmental control to optimize workspaces and sleep spaces.

Wireless Retrofits

Wireless technologies are the key to making buildings more intelligent because builders and engineers don’t have to open up the floors and walls to update infrastructure. This means that wireless retrofits could bring intelligent building systems to older and less efficient buildings. With EcoStruxure Building Expert, Critical Systems has installed wireless VAV applications using our MPM controllers.

Self Awareness

Eventually, smart buildings may become intelligent enough to diagnose and repair structural damage without human intervention. Researchers and scientists are investigating new sensing technologies that would allow buildings to output data on structural integrity. A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently developed a way to measure structural damage and stress after an earthquake or other seismic events.

Predictive Maintenance

IoT connected devices will allow a shift from preventative maintenance or reactive maintenance to conditions-based maintenance in real-time. Based on historical performance data from the equipment and similar equipment, the machine will be able to tell if it is in need of repairs.

Convergent Networks

Especially common in hospitality, smart buildings are incorporating 4K video-on-demand, access control, energy management, and occupancy control. These features are being integrated into a central dashboard and controls.



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