5 Ways Hospitals Can Boost Energy Efficiency

Check out these five ways hospitals can boost energy efficiency.

Check out these five ways hospitals can boost energy efficiency.

Powering life-saving equipment is a 24-hour requirement that health care facilities must face regardless of worries about energy waste. The extensive use of power by the healthcare industry accounts for a whopping eight percent of all carbon emissions in the US. While many believe that energy consumption cannot be lowered without affecting patient care, we know more can be done. We help develop building management solutions that help you meet your needs while ensuring you’re running at peak energy efficiency.

Start By Identifying Current Levels

As you begin your journey to a more energy efficient facility, you must start with a firm understanding of your usage levels. The Environmental Protection Agency offers a very useful free tool called the Energy Star Portfolio Manager to give hospitals a clearer idea of how much energy they use. This also helps to compare your usage against other similar facilities while looking at the differences in climate, facility size, and other factors.

Perform An Energy Audit

The next step in understanding your facilities needs, strengths, and weaknesses, is to conduct an energy audit. This is done in a variety of methods to detect if there are any inefficient areas in your system that can use updating.

Make A Plan

Once you have a good understanding of your facilities comparative energy usage and its strengths and weaknesses the next step is to begin identifying ways to cut back on energy usage. Begin with short-term changes that will see immediate (six to twelve month) improvements. Then, once these changes are shown to make a difference, you can begin with more complicated, long-term updates.

Start Small And Smart

One of the easiest changes for the six to twelve-month improvement cycle is to look into small ways to improve to smarter technology. Replacing light bulbs with LED alternatives, for example, is something known to make a difference. Adding motion detecting light shut-offs can also help bring savings.

Get Everyone Involved

To make your commitment to energy efficiency work you’ll need full commitment from your staff and community. Make learning about your new changes fun with training. Plus, by getting staff involved you may learn creative ways to save energy that only your daily staff will think of!

Get Started With An Energy Plan Today!  

If you’re ready to begin making your healthcare facility more energy efficient, you can trust the team at Critical Systems to help guide you. At Critical Systems, the people come first, from our employees to our customers. We strive to attract and develop the best talent in the business. Our goal is to deliver innovative solutions for the purpose of making every building secure, efficient, and effectively managed.

Serving the Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and Baltimore regions, SEBCSI provides innovative solutions for your commercial building or facility. Visit our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ today!

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