5 Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency in Schools

Check out these five great ways you can increase energy efficiency in your school.

Check out these five great ways you can increase energy efficiency in your school.

Many of the nation’s school buildings weren’t built to handle the increased demand for energy as technological advancements make their way into the classroom. However, there are many opportunities to increase energy efficiency in school facilities.

Streamline Operations

Turn facilities into energy efficient schools by implementing connected technology with a building automation system. A connected system will alert you to any issues within the school and provide insight into opportunities for greater energy efficiency. Connected, or smart buildings, can diagnose issues and alert the building manager so that problems can be resolved faster.   

Check Control System Settings

Set schedules for the building’s heating, cooling, electrical, and lighting systems. The schedules will help maximize the system’s efficiency by operating while the building is occupied and turning those systems down or off after hours. The system should also be keeping track of trends that include spikes in energy usage. Your building manager should be able to adjust these settings for optimized operation.

Check Window and Door Seals

This is a simple fix but checking the window and door seals will immediately alert you to a draft. Windows and doors that don’t close properly are allowing air in and out of the building, causing your heating and cooling systems to work harder. Ensure that all gaps are sealed with caulking or stripping. Having these places sealed properly will not only increase comfort inside the building but it will also help control noise, humidity, and improve air quality.

Shut Systems Down Completely

At the end of each school day, ensure that all systems are completely shut down or turned off. For example, just because your computer screen is black doesn’t mean that it is completely turned off. Computers often go into a sleep or hibernation mode, which still allows downloads and other programs to continue using energy when the computer isn’t in use. Be sure to completely turn off computers, lights (other than security lights), and vending machine lights.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Planned, regular maintenance will help reduce the chances that you’ll have to face major breakdowns of systems throughout the school year. Staying on top of maintenance will ensure that all appliances, the HVAC system, and other elements are in top condition. When these systems are performing their best, they work more efficiently.


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