A Look Back On World Environmental Day

World Environment Day was on June 5th; let’s take a closer look!

World Environment Day was on June 5th; let’s take a closer look!

June 5th was World Environment Day, a day dedicated by the United Nations to raise awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Over 140 countries around the globe participate every year, and China hosted this year with the theme “Fight Air Pollution.” Continue reading to learn more about World Environment Day and how renewable energy can help raise Earth out of the air pollution and climate change crises.

Air Pollution

It was an appropriate choice for China to host the theme of fighting air pollution, as they are the largest greenhouse gas emitting nation. In fact, it’s estimated that air pollution is the cause of over one million deaths a year in China, in addition to destroying over 20 tonnes of food crops worth billions of dollars.

China is not the only nation that has an air pollution problem, as poor air quality is blamed for more than six million premature deaths worldwide each year. Most victims live in developing countries where indoor smoke from the combustion of fuels present a high threat to health. The U.S. is also affected by poor quality, as the American Lung Association estimates that almost 40% of the population are at risk of premature death or lung disease as a result of ozone or particle pollution.

Fossil Fuels

The main source of air pollution is fossil fuel combustion. Pollution is the side effect when power plants and vehicles turn coil, oil, and gas into energy, and many of the pollutants that are harming humans are just as terrible for the Earth. Greenhouse gases become trapped in the atmosphere, leading to global warming– an extreme issue that is destabilizing our climate.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the solution to this huge problem and is a way to help the planet out of both the air pollution and climate change crises. Renewable resources have been proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, as the American Wind Energy Association reported in 2016 that clean electricity generated from wind represented over $7 billion in avoided health care costs.

Schneider Electric’s Commitment To A Sustainable Future

Schneider Electric’s mission is to help businesses meet their energy challenge of keeping global warming below the 2 degrees C limit while reaching better operational efficiency. In new economies, we develop solutions to provide reliable energy to over one billion people that do not have access to energy, and in mature economies, we address the millions of people living in fuel poverty.


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