How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Data Centers

Data Center Management

Learn more about how artificial intelligence will affect data centers.

Data centers are often found in any organization that provides IT services to a business, government organization, online consumers, or internal employees. They are crucial for numerous industries, and Artificial Intelligence, or AI, will soon make a significant impact on many data center technologies. Continue reading to learn more about AI and four data center technologies it will impact.

Data Center Automation

Over the next few years, data center administrators will see how AI can provide changes to data center automation. Today, most data centers have a technician in charge of administrative tasks, but this job will soon be replaced by automation. This change will allow for increased performance, reduced downtime, fewer mistakes, as well as providing administrators with trending and predictive analytics. AI processes can also make changes to existing processes in real-time based on learned information.

Capacity Management

Today’s data centers need to be as agile as possible, meaning that any changes must be made in real-time in the live environment. In the past, IT workers would perform testing procedures for these changes, but AI automation will be able to identify errors and make changes without any disruptions. In a data center that provides an online catalog of items, AI would help to allocate more disk space during peak hours without any human intervention.

Service Management

Service management and troubleshooting are critical aspects of a data center and are tasks typically performed by a human analyst. However, AI will be able to support data centers by troubleshooting issues quickly to provide administrators with the solution. In addition to making troubleshooting much faster, AI is also much more reliable than a human analyst who can make various mistakes. Over time, AI will have access to learned knowledge to solve common issues immediately.


Data breaches occur very frequently, but soon AI will be able to assist in providing security solutions to mitigate risks. Instead of a human administrator, AI will have all the power to make quicker and more reliable decisions. When a breach occurs, AI can isolate the infected devices and reroute processes without having any impact to the end users.

In the next five years, it is predicted that there will be very few data centers without some kind of embedded AI. It will continue to grow and become more evolved, and soon, we will see AI solving problems that were once deemed unsolvable.


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