Benefits Of Smart Circuit Breakers

Learn about the many benefits of smart circuit breakers.

Learn about the many benefits of smart circuit breakers.

There are many benefits of smart circuit breakers for a variety of infrastructures, including data centers, hospitals, commercial buildings, and more. While the intelligent devices perform traditional protection functions, they provide facility teams with so much more. Continue reading to learn about the benefits and the smart services that get the most out of smart circuit breakers.


As part of a fully digitized power distribution system, smart circuit breakers help facility teams to simplify regular maintenance, avoid outages, and restore power quickly when an outage occurs. A majority of their capabilities assist to improve safety and reliability, decrease energy and maintenance costs, extend equipment life, and save time. The embedded energy metering in the devices also helps to meet new efficiency standards, and Ethernet connectivity ensures power, energy, and breaker diagnostic data is always available. The most advanced breakers have a flexible design, which enables adaptation to a demanding environment.


When choosing smart circuit breakers, it’s crucial to look for vendors that offer responsive support. If a vendor is available to help during the commissioning and startup phases, you will be able to resolve issues much more efficiently. Also, be sure to look for extended warranty programs, so your vendor will offer ongoing support wherever breakers are located.

Vendors may even offer 24/7 maintenance programs, which can be very beneficial to buildings without in-house maintenance resources. This type of support allows your organization to have longer equipment lifespan, improve energy availability, and keep your systems safe.

Smart Services

To get the most from their smart circuit breakers, organizations must consider the services that support them and the enhanced services they can enable. The breakers are fully digitized, with remote data monitoring services. Prepare your business for the future of power distribution with the Masterpact MTZ range from Schneider Electric!

Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers are “future-ready” and “services-ready,” as Schneider Electric offers complete support services for customers. The air circuit breakers incorporate the latest digital technologies and combine scalability, durability, and connectivity to provide improved power uptime and energy efficiency. Masterpact MTZ breakers come in three different sizes, allowing organizations to find their perfect solution for their needs.

Our smart circuit breakers also come with a complete range of proactive lifecycle maintenance services and expert remote digital services. Our goal is to help customers get the most safety, reliability, and efficiency from breakers and their entire energy infrastructure.


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