How Building Integration is Changing the Face of Facilities Management

Discover how building integration is changing the face of facilities management, and why it’s a crucial aspect of the building industry.

System integration is the first step towards establishing an optimized, energy efficient building. Technologies such as EcoStruxture, are being used to improve management levels, creating smarter commercial buildings throughout the globe. Discover how building integration is changing the face of facilities management, and why it’s a crucial aspect of the building industry.

A Simplified Process

Building integration incorporates disorganized systems into one single system, establishing a simpler, more intelligent process. Rather than visiting multiple computer systems a day, the facilities manager can operate from one station.  

Save Energy

By monitoring temperature fluctuations, building integration can reduce energy consumption. Adjustments and repairs can be made seamlessly, which means that equipment can operate at top efficiency, subsequently decrease energy consumption.

Improve Performance

Integrated systems perform well and are incredibly easy to use, which can improve performance throughout the building. Systems, such as EcoStruxure, have been deployed in over 450,000 installations, connecting over one billion devices.

Include Multiple Buildings

Since building integration isn’t limited to an individual building, integration can include multiple buildings on multiple sites. Hospitals with multiple buildings and college campuses especially benefit from systems integration.

When Systems Are Not Integrated

When a building lacks integration, facilities staff has to be trained on each element of building maintenance separately. Not only is this an inefficient practice, but it can create a variety of problems down the road. For example, when an integration system isn’t in place, members of the team have to rely on their expertise to control lighting and other aspects such as security. Building integration creates a safer, more efficient building for employees and building dwellers alike.


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