All About Building Management Systems

 Learn all about building management systems to understand the benefits they can have for your business.

Learn all about building management systems to understand the benefits they can have for your business.

Are you wondering how to manage your building better? With Critical Systems, we can install and teach you how to use a building management system to streamline your day to day building operations to seamlessly monitor, control, and optimize your building’s performance. With a building management system, you can ensure that things are running safely and efficiently, with little effort on your part. You have enough on your plate to keep you busy; investing in a building management system will save you time, money, and stress. Continue reading to learn about the basics of building management systems so that you can understand why choosing them will make a world of difference for your building.

Technological Power

With a building management system, the ‘settings’ of your building are at your fingertips. Think of the system as a control panel that you have access to. You can control the ambient internal temperature of your building as well as the temperature of the equipment inside it. Humid, irregular temperatures can damage your building and whatever is housed inside it, so with a building management system, you can ensure a controlled, consistent temperature throughout the day and into the night.

Not only can you control different technological aspects of your building such as temperature, but a building management system collects and stores data that system managers can later use for analysis and examination. By gathering data and further parsing through it, building operators can predict future issues or maintenance before they become issues.


Perhaps the most important part of maintaining a building is ensuring that is has a functional and advanced security system. Not only must you protect yourself, but you have to look out for other employees in the building as well as pricey equipment that could be stolen. With a building management system, you can prevent break-ins and feel safer knowing that you have a reliable system to protect yourself and other employees that use the building. This will even save you money in the future, as added protection from security aspects of building management systems can potentially stop major security breaches that could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Let Critical Systems Answer Your Questions!

Now, you probably have a lot of questions regarding how you can effectively implement a building management system into your own building. Have no fear- Critical Systems can answer any questions you may have. We service Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Baltimore. Call us at 410-381-7655 or visit our office in Columbia, MD. Be sure to follow us for updates and ideas on  Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ today!

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