Why Your Commercial Building Needs an Integrated Security System

 Learn why your commercial building needs an integrated security system.

Learn why your commercial building needs an integrated security system.

An integrated security system uses multiple security components to create a single network that is capable of delivering fully encompassing solutions for various physical and sophisticated threats. They usually include uniformed guards, video surveillance, controlled access, intrusion alarms, and public-address systems. Appropriate and adequate security for the facilities is a topic that is usually at the forefront of the minds of owners and managers. Not only are they responsible for protecting the equipment and other physical investments inside the building, they also want to protect sensitive files and information as well. Business security is a complex topic that many people find themselves addressing when it’s too late. Get ahead of these threats by implementing a system that helps you prevent theft and other security threats.


An integrated security system means that all necessary components can be centralized in a single location. It eliminates the need for multiple security teams to have to send and share reports from various locations within the building. The integration not only saves time, but it saves resources and creates a more organized workflow. The time and efforts of security personnel and other managers will be split and spent in a more efficient manner.  

Real-time Monitoring

An integrated security system offers the benefit of real-time monitoring from one location. Without this in place, business management teams would have to use multiple security systems. They’d have to split their time trying to cover the multiple facilities and areas of work. As people are often busy throughout the day, they don’t usually spend all their time on location to be able to monitor these systems. An integrated system makes real-time monitoring possible from your phone, tablet, or computer.  

Conflict Resolution

Some of the features that come with integrated security systems may include video surveillance, access control, intrusion alarms, PA systems, and even uniformed guards. Any of these features or a combination of some create the ability to respond to threats immediately. They will minimize threats of break-ins, internal and external burglary attempts, and other security threats.


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