Criteria When Assessing Building Management Software

Criteria When Assessing Building Management Software

Not all software solutions are the same. It’s up to owners and operators to choose a building management software that will be up to the task.

Having the right tools and technology at your disposal is only a part of building resource and infrastructure management. What’s just as crucial to a facility manager is employing the right building management software. By leveraging integrated hardware capabilities through robust software platforms, building owners can use these advanced tools to modify their built environment into one that suits their workplace needs. However, not all software solutions are the same. It’s up to owners and operators to choose a platform that will be up to the task. The following areas should be present and performing at their highest functions when assessing its potential as a building management software.

IP Network & IoT Enabled

In this day and age, any building management software that doesn’t use an IP network is missing out on key benefits. Consider the fact that every company operates with connectivity to the internet. If the selected software can work through internet protocol, it takes away the need to spend on proprietary products to control the connected building management systems. Also, connectivity through IoT enabled devices and sensors allow for remote wireless control via the software. What’s more, this level of digital integration allows the software to send real-time data and urgent alerts to managers.

Building Analytics

Smart buildings are constantly generating vast amounts of various data from their connected systems. Arguably, the most value-added function a building management software can do is run highly detailed analytic reports and present insightful findings. In turn, these findings can be the basis for enacting operational changes or developing preventative maintenance strategies, plus so much more. The ideal management software should go beyond controls and possess diagnostic capabilities that ramp up efficiencies.

Open Architecture System

In a previous discussion on building automation systems, it established the importance of seeking out open systems to manage commercial buildings. Essentially, open system products can interoperate without proprietary interfaces, and it can be installed into existing infrastructure. In regards to the software one would use, an open architecture system is vital for similar reasons. Certainly, buildings and the systems we use comprises multiple, complex sub-systems. Therefore, only with open architecture systems does it afford the flexibility to manage all these systems from a central platform.

Additionally, the open system software is scalable. As new devices are added or upgraded, compatibility won’t be an issue. Keep in mind, companies using an open architecture system won’t just have a view of their whole building. In fact, they will be able to manage collective structures in their network, including campuses or another building across the country.


To top off this list, one can’t forget to place cybersecurity’s importance at the forefront of any digital endeavor, especially when it’s so closely intertwined with building infrastructure. Strong cybersecurity measures reduce the chances of interruptions to operations, as well as safeguarding corporate information. Many building management software improved over the years by achieving the highest standards of security. What remains a grave concern are the endpoint security measures that need to be worked into the IoT devices and other network vulnerability points. When IT security teams enact changes, they protect a facility’s IoT devices.


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