Why Data Center Operations Must Become More Standardized

Learn why data center operations must become more standardized.

Learn why data center operations must become more standardized.

Data centers have evolved over the past decade from simple cost centers to efficient drivers of businesses, and have put more demands on data center availability. Companies realize that the data center is truly the heart of their business, and leadership teams are putting more thought and effort into data center operations. Continue reading to learn more about data centers and why operations need to become standardized.

Data Centers in The Past

About 30 years ago, data centers were once strictly just cost centers. This means that most companies’ data centers were something that they spent a lot of money on just to remain in business. However, as IT became a critical business driver, companies that used technology saw significant changes. The IT trade press also began to flourish, as various publications covered the latest IT news and highlighted companies that were making effective use of technology. Large corporations that made major IT investments were seeing significant benefits to productivity levels and were starting to understand that standardization was crucial.

Data Centers as Business Drivers

In today’s world, data centers are now essential to businesses in almost every industry. Companies around the globe must meet consumer demands for digital experiences. As data centers became crucial to business profit and loss, the responsibilities of CIOs were changing, as they needed to be partners in all strategic decisions. The title of Chief Information Officer is now a coveted position, as this person is in charge of IT strategy. While they were once taking orders from the company, CIOs are now at the same level as the executive team.

As data centers are generating revenue, companies must invest in infrastructure and treat it as a strategic investment. Today’s data centers must be able to meet consumer and business demands, even as they are rapidly changing.

Data Center Operations

The demands of data center operations are very high, as it is now expected to have zero unplanned downtime. Meeting this demand is difficult for many businesses, as they don’t have employees with the specialized expertise needed and must focus on their daily operations. CIOs recognize this and are starting to out-task data center operations to manage risk and control operating costs. By out-tasking data center operations, businesses will not only save money, but they will have standardized, reliable documented operating procedures.


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