EcoStruxure Asset Advisor Helps University of Rochester Medical Center

Learn how the EcoStruxure Asset Advisor helped the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Learn how the EcoStruxure Asset Advisor helped the University of Rochester Medical Center.

The University of Rochester Medical Center is located in upstate New York and is one of the U.S.’s premier academic healthcare organizations. They are a leader in health research, education, patient care, and community outreach, and host over 1 million outpatients each year. Read on to learn how Schneider Electric partnered with the Medical Center to deploy EcoStruxure Asset Advisor as an innovative campus-wide monitoring solution.

Growing Infrastructure

The facilities management team at the Medical Center is responsible for managing a large footprint of 5 million square feet across the campus. With such a wide footprint to manage, the campus relies on its core electrical systems 24/7. The facilities management team faced challenges over the years to ensure they have ample power for a growing infrastructure. The Medical Center has invested a lot of money in developing world-class electronic medical record systems, and these systems rely on power systems that must always be available.

Control and Growth

The Director of Facility Operations Mark Schwartz says that to provide the levels of service required of the Medical Center, buildings and associated electrical systems must be intelligent in order to identify potential issues before a failure occurs. For large institutions such as the Medical Center, it is much too costly and time-consuming to send a staff member to physically measure and survey each piece of equipment. Instead, automated monitoring and control are much more effective. In order to gain knowledge of potential issues before anything goes wrong, Schwartz and his team partnered with Schneider Electric to deploy EcoStruxure Asset Advisor as an innovative campus-wide monitoring solution.

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

The monitoring solution started four years ago in April 2015 with a focus on the most concerning assets identified by the facility staff. Schwartz says that while the EcoStruxure Asset Advisor is great for saving money by avoiding an unexpected failure, the greatest benefit is that it saves the institution’s reputation from being damaged.

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor allows the facilities team to manage the performance of assets and offers insights into the status of their electrical distribution equipment. This allows the team to make better decisions, as the EcoStruxure provides intelligence to the center’s electrical infrastructure and brings the flexibility of modernizing older equipment while increasing communication capabilities.

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor has also produced a 20 to 1 return on investment for the Medical Center. In two incidences, the center saved nearly 1 million through the early discovery of problems. There are plans to establish a facility-wide energy management and power quality system using EcoStruxure Asset Advisor as the foundation. Schwartz says that the University of Rochester Medical Center counts our EcoStruxure-enabled solutions to help achieve their campus-wide digitization goals.


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