EcoStruxure DERMS from Schneider Electric

EcoStruxure DERMS from Schneider Electric

Learn more about Schneider Electric’s new product, EcoStruxure DERMS, and find out how it supports global microgrid management!

Back in November 2019, Schneider Electric announced the release of a new EcoStruxure product geared towards growing the adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs). The grid-focused solution is called EcoStruxure DERMS – Distributed Energy Resource Management System. This innovative product comes at a critical time of global discussion concerning renewable energy and the implementation of microgrids. As an industry leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation projects, Schneider Electric is excited to see how energy stakeholders will use EcoStruxure DERMS to take control over their energy use futures with promising results.

What Are DERs?

Distributed energy resources, or DERs, are a common point of discussion when it comes to microgrids, along with the digitalization and democratization of energy generation and usage. These power generation resources, both physical and virtual, are set up close to the site or local grid that will be harnessing energy from these smaller-scale energy sources. Some examples of DERs include sites with solar panels, energy-storage banks, combined heat and power systems, and electric vehicle chargers. DERs are on-track for enormous growth, with the energy storage market expected to grow globally by nine times from 2017 to 2022. Further, the global increase in microgrids is projected to reach nearly 10% by 2025.

DERMS’s Capabilities

To support a rapid and smooth transition for consumers and utility operators to integrate their energy landscape with DERs, the EcoStruxure DERMS provides the necessary tools to monitor and optimize all types of DERs. DERMS centrally analyzes and controls a system or local area’s DERs, regardless of ownership, to provide insight and value. The system monitors DER activity to find areas for improvement, calculate hosting capacity, and forecast future energy requirements. Overall, utility managers will be able to improve the safety and reliability of their electricity generation service. EcoStruxure DERMS is flexible enough to adapt to any size, type, and ownership of DERs. As power generation and distribution infrastructures increasingly move towards an “edge” model, we must address the challenges of managing and sustaining the local and decentralized model of service. DERMS can help us navigate the relatively new territory of grid management.

EcoStruxure by Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric’s line of EcoStruxure programs and products are IoT-connected systems that help support operations across smart facilities and buildings. These platforms leverage integrated data analysis on a variety of functions to produce insights on creating optimize operations. Bringing digital integration and automation to building management is just one of the many services Schneider Electric provides our forward-thinking partners.


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