EcoStruxure and IoT (Internet of Things)

With a variety of options for EcoStruxure and IoT enabled systems, we can help you achieve your goals.

With a variety of options for EcoStruxure and IoT enabled systems, we can help you achieve your goals.

Are you looking for better optimization, performance, and integration for your system? Schneider Electric offers the services your company needs to operate at peak performance. With a variety of options for EcoStruxure and IoT enabled systems, we can help you achieve your goals.

Internet of Things

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is the name given to systems of physical objects that operate with the help of an IP address. For Schneider Electric, the IoT is an integral part of how we create whole system efficiency plans that keep operations at their peak while minimizing energy and sustainability losses.


This IoT-enabled system is an open, plug-and-play interoperable platform and architecture system for use in data centers and commercial buildings. The system is one of the most innovative on the market, delivering analytics, apps, and services, as well as connected products and edge control with six domains of expertise. EcoStruxure delivers excellent levels of safety, sustainability, reliability, connectivity, and operational efficiency to its customers.

EcoStruxure Building

With a system specifically designed for building efficiency, EcoStruxure Building brings innovative design and performance to a new high. This unique system will ensure optimal comfort, productivity and lifetime efficiency. Up to 75% of a buildings life-cycle costs are found in the operating expenses. EcoStruxure Building drives up to 50% better energy efficiency thanks to active control, and up to 30% better energy costs.

EcoStruxure Plant & Machine

Using the combined power of the EcoStruxure architecture and the IoT technology, Schneider Electric is leading the way in smart manufacturing and industrial automation opportunities for plants and machine builders. With over two million licenses for software in over 100,000 sites worldwide, we are changing the industry. Over 20 billion parameters are monitored, and over four trillion daily industrial transactions are processed and stored through our systems.  

EcoStruxure Grid

Taking the future of energy production by storm, the EcoStruxure Grid is a seamless local production and integration system that bridges the gap between supply and demand. With an expected 75 billion IoT-connected devices by 2025, a 58% increase in energy needs by 2040, and a 72% decrease in the costs of solar power since 2009, the EcoStruxure Grid is the plan of the future.

EcoStruxure IT

As the world of IT is changing daily, protection and data center needs are at an all-time high. With data center infrastructure capability that adapts quickly, and is driven by growth, you’ll never need to compromise between availability and operational efficiency. Our customers can expect a 30% increase in infrastructure utilization, a 30% decrease in false alarms, and a 60% faster deployment time.  

EcoStruxure Power

The EcoStruxure Power system is a reliable, safe and efficient power delivery system that combines peace of mind with financial benefits. With solutions that are IoT-enabled, future-proofed, and customized, you will have a system that works for you. Using EcoStruxure power customers can expect a 15% maintenance cost reduction, a 15% project cost reduction, and up to a 10% energy spending reduction.

EcoStruxure Platform

Unlock the trapped value of your operations using the potential of IoT technology. EcoStruxure Platform merges IT technology with OT solutions to fully optimize your systems for efficient, effective operation.


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