Elements of Energy-Efficient Commercial Building Design

Elements of Energy-Efficient Commercial Building Design

Factoring in commercial building design elements that target efficient heating, cooling, and lighting aspects of building use goes a long way in producing energy-efficient buildings.

The energy-efficient commercial building design is far more achievable than many people think. In fact, merely factoring in design elements that target efficient heating, cooling, and lighting aspects of building use goes a long way in producing energy-efficient buildings. The following list is certainly not exhaustive of all features in energy-efficient commercial building design. However, these are seemingly small changes and ideas worth incorporating into various building designs with little hindrance to construction that produce considerable energy savings.

Embrace Retrofitting

The quality of energy-efficiency should be factored into all aspects of facility management — including acquisition and construction — not just operation. Prioritizing the idea of retrofitting in both new construction and renovation of existing structures is an excellent start to energy-efficient design. By constructing new facilities with the idea that the foundation can be converted for the next owner’s purposes, it takes away the need for another to undergo extensive retrofitting i.e., conserves energy needed for construction. If possible, renovate existing structures to suit current needs since it requires less time, money, resources, and energy than to build from scratch.

Reasonable Building Architecture

Create reasonably sized floor plans for intended business operations. Even when using energy-efficient commercial building design, it makes little sense to overspend in the construction and operation costs of a too-large structure, only to use a portion of the space. Additionally, think of ways to work with nature rather than against it. Accounting for ways the facility will take advantage of sunlight should influence building orientation, window positioning, solar protections, and more.

High-Performance Insulation

In order to create any truly energy-efficient commercial building design, the focus should not be placed too heavily on using renewable energy and efficient equipment (although these are vital as well). Instead, minimizing energy loss through high-performance building insulation should be the pinnacle of energy-conserving building designs. Building with insulating materials, including windows and doors, reduces the overall need in the first place to overwork the HVAC system.

HVAC Precision

Being able to monitor and control a facility’s HVAC system precisely is crucial. Any given building’s greatest energy-consumer is the necessary heating and cooling functions. Employing technologies like Building Automation Systems makes it easier for facility managers to make energy-saving adjustments. And of course, regular maintenance keeps commercial HVAC systems in top-performance conditions. 

Energy-Efficient Lighting Plan

Energy-efficient lighting plans are no foreign concept. Material-wise, LED light bulbs have become the standard. They last longer and perform better while using nearly 50 percent less electricity than other light bulbs. Paired with dimmers and automatically timed lighting adjusters, this allows building tenants better control over their energy consumption through efficient use of lighting. Less energy would be used during daylight hours or in areas with low occupancy.

Incorporate Clean Power

Incorporating clean and reusable energy sources whenever possible is a given in energy-efficient designs. Despite some of the difficulties and roadblocks to using clean energy to power buildings, it’s certainly possible. Using even a small portion of reusable energy to power infrastructure is far better than none at all. Implementing solar panels, for example, is far more accessible and desirable today than in recent years.


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