How Does Energy Efficiency Increase the Value of a Commercial Building?

Energy efficiency can increase the value of your commercial building.

Energy efficiency can increase the value of your commercial building.

Many businesses are not aware of all the benefits of boosting energy efficiency in their commercial buildings, as energy management can actually have a huge financial impact on a building. Many are aware of the effects energy efficiency has on electricity bills, but it has an even more significant effect of increasing the overall value of a building.

Operations and Maintenance Costs

Since energy data shows how a building’s equipment is performing, these insights can allow you and your team to take a more efficient approach to maintenance. For example, retail banking branches in North America had an opportunity to implement different measures that improve energy efficiency but wanted to keep the disruption levels low for business. Engineers who worked with managing building operations for the organization used energy intelligence software to determine if a measure could be implemented remotely before spending unnecessary time and money on service calls.

Capital Investments

Increasing energy efficiency in buildings also allows businesses to make more informed decisions when it comes to capital investments. For instance, an energy efficient commercial real estate business eliminated the process of manually replacing valves on many terminal units by using tools that notify the team when valves malfunction. Rather than constantly paying for replacements for valves to have as back up, they now reduced capital investments by only having to purchase new valves when they need to be replaced. While this is just one example, all commercial buildings can benefit from energy management tools.

Improved Comfort

Commercial buildings that provide comfort and a positive environment for its occupants are always more valuable, as a building is useless when it’s not being used. People are starting to expect a level of comfort in their workplace, and energy efficient smart buildings provide all the benefits workers are looking for. Smart buildings increase comfort for workers and occupants, and an office park in California found that building automation systems increased occupancy by about 40 percent.


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