Enter Schneider Electric’s Inaugural National K12 Bold Idea Contest!

Learn more about Schneider Electric’s Inaugural National K12 Bold Idea contest!

Learn more about Schneider Electric’s Inaugural National K12 Bold Idea contest!

Do you have a bold idea that would help transform and modernize your community? Now is the time to put those ideas on the table with Schneider Electric’s inaugural national K12 Bold Idea Contest! The contest is putting K12 school districts across the nation up to the challenge of sharing their bold idea for the chance to win $100,000 to put towards making their dream come true. Continue reading to learn more about the contest, then visit http://seess.co/K12contest to submit your idea!

What Makes An Idea Bold?

While there is no wrong answer to what a bold idea might be, the intention is to share an idea you have that would positively transform your district. The contest has few guidelines and ideas for bold ideas since each district has wildly different needs and desires. To get some inspiration for your specific district, be sure to check out our K-12 Education page.

Start Brainstorming

To start the brainstorming process, it’s essential to get everyone in your community involved. Your community will likely come up with multiple suggestions, so we do not have a limit on how many ideas each district can submit. There might be a common dream of the community- perhaps a new park at a local school, or it might be more abstract- such as a solution to your school systems funding challenges or overcrowding. Regardless, make sure to tap into all of the players in your school district. Parents and administration may have ideas, as will the faculty and students who are directly impacted by any changes.

Why Schneider Electric?

You might be wondering why an energy management company is interested in transforming K12 schools, but the answer is straightforward. Schneider Electric has been working with schools for the last 20 years. Along with helping over 600 districts make changes to their energy and operational savings, we’ve assisted in the reinvestment of energy savings as a way to modernize schools, get funding, and improve technology. Be sure to visit our blog to read about many of our K12 success stories, as they may offer inspiration for your own bold ideas. You can also watch a great video about how Madison County transformed their school from the debt limit to national recognition and achieve their dreams.

The submission deadline is May 15, 2019- but don’t wait to get your bold idea submitted! In August 2019, the winning district will be notified and awarded up to $100,000 in cash or cash equivalent.


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