Enterprise Worthy Cloud-Based Security System

Enterprise Worthy Cloud-Based Security System

An enterprise worthy cloud-based security system should prioritize top-performing tech to keep the premises under monitor while enabling other infrastructure systems.

Companies have quite a few options when it comes to their building security. Plus, not every cloud-based security system offers the same features. Sifting through all available platform solutions can get overwhelming, yet this decision is critical to your facility’s protection. An enterprise worthy cloud-based security system should prioritize top-performing tech to keep the premises under monitor while enabling other infrastructure systems. Looking for something that fits the bill? Here are some more qualities and features to look for in your cloud-based security system solution.

Interoperability with Open System

Does the term open system sound familiar? Our previous look at the criteria for building management software revealed the significance of an open architecture system. Accounting for interoperability through your company’s hardware and software products helps future-proof your facility. A cloud-based security system software should work with your existing security equipment and be scalable for upgrades in the future. Further, open system platforms simplify adopting the new system into your current operations, which can help you save time and money moving forward.

Remote Management Capability

A cloud-based security system prompts personnel to take advantage of remote access capabilities. Therefore, your facility management or security team can access the security system interface from any Internet-enabled, smart device. They don’t need to be on-premises, either, to stay connected. While this can offer most enterprises tons of flexibility, this remote management capability can be quite necessary for more isolated operations, like edge data centers.

Real-Time Monitoring For Fast Response

Whatever ongoings occur throughout your facilities, you depend on your cloud-based security system to keep surveillance and control over the premises. This makes real-time data capture and analysis a must-have feature. All activity from alarms, alerts, sensors, and other monitored devices should be readily presented on a moment-to-moment basis. Any delay in communicating your facility’s information to your central control could prove a vulnerability to your building security. As networking capabilities improve, IoT-enabled devices can deliver higher levels of data communication and processing.

Safeguard Security and Surveillance Data

Hosting your cloud-based security system eliminates your facility’s need to house servers, without getting in the way of your control over your building. Collected security information contains sensitive corporate data too. Therefore, ensuring all your data is secured with robust cloud security measures in place should be another feature your enterprise needs to consider.

Learn More About Access Expert

Formerly known as AccessXpert, Access Expert is the cloud-based access control solution for your enterprise. This Schneider Electric product brings flexibility to our clients, as they can choose whether to utilize a hosted or on-site approach for their cloud-based security system. Access Expert works under our EcoStruxure platform. Indeed, customers looking for a security system that meets their physical and cybersecurity needs can trust Access Expert to deliver exceptional enterprise-level security.


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