Five Ways To Improve Energy Efficiency In Your Building

Check out the best five ways to improve energy efficiency in your building.

Check out the best five ways to improve energy efficiency in your building.

Creating a more energy efficient building is essential to your company financially and ethically. Reducing your energy use can save you money over time, and it can help bring in more clients who are compelled by your commitment. Making the change to a more energy efficient system can be severe, but today we’re bringing you five ways to help get you started.

Measure Your Consumption

As you start looking for ways to help improve your energy efficiency, start by measuring your consumption. Once you have a good idea of how much power you’re using you will have a better idea of where you can make changes to your system to lower your usage. You might find that much of your energy usage comes areas that can be easily fixed.

Insulation Matters

If you rent your building, you may not be able to do much regarding fixing insulation, but it might be possible to work with the building owner to develop innovative ways to help with energy lost to lacking insulation. Adding tinted window film, for instance, might be one easy way to help without making permanent changes.  

Stick With Certified Equipment

Energy efficient equipment with certifications, such as an energy star rating, will use anywhere from 30% – 65% less energy than the alternatives. Making the switch can be especially useful if your equipment is older and has not been well maintained.  

Convert to LED’s

Switching to LED lighting is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to save on the energy used for lighting. Usually, the turnaround on costs associated with switching out your lighting is so quick that it can help inspire non-believers to make more changes. Adding timers and motion sensors to areas where lighting is not needed continuously is another excellent way to help with cutting back on energy use.

Choose The Right Ventilation

Lastly, using the right ventilation system can be critical to maintaining low energy use and air quality in your workplace. A proper ventilation system will help to remove moisture, keep air flowing correctly, and help cool and heat the incoming air as it transfers in and out of the building


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