Government Building Security and Access Control

Government Building Security and Access Control

Perhaps the most imperative means of securing your government building with smart building technology is to integrate your security system platform with the building management system. Learn more here.

Most organizations and facilities that are capable have made the switch over to smart building tools and upgrades. Government buildings are following suit as well. However, as SEBCSI is currently the only entity of our parent company, global Schneider Electric, that focuses on government projects, we know implementing smart building solutions comes with adhering to special rigor. Still, the smart building infrastructure and technologies a government building uses should be there to support the government client’s mission. This ultimately means relying on the smart building to take care of matters like security and access control, so the critical work of their facility can get done. The following are aspects of building security and access control your government building should account for as you manage the facility’s safety requirements.

Integration with Building Management System

Perhaps the most imperative means of securing your government building with smart building technology is to integrate your security system platform with the building management system. Building management systems already provide a comprehensive overview of various functions and performance data across your facility or multiple facilities. By unifying the building security infrastructure and BMS, you can simplify how you monitor your building’s physical security from one reliable cloud-based system. 

Employees Access Control

The building’s access control system is there to help you manage who enters your facility and where within the facility authorized personnel can go. Pass-codes, keycards, and ID badging systems authenticate and authorize users — the government employees — when they come and go. These protocols are in place to separate these movements and entry from intrusions. Not all government employees are granted the same clearance to access various rooms or items in a government building. Your security system should be able to track this type of information to ensure your operations adhere to all compliance measures.

Visitor Management

It’s not just employees that will come and go; visitors and contracted workers frequent the premises too. You can’t let their presence go unaccounted for while they are in your building, so a visitor management system is necessary. This type of application tracks visitation information and can grant limited access to certain areas of your facility.

Alarms and Emergency Communication

Of course, modern smart building security systems use alarm management and emergency communication systems too. Both systems serve mass-alert purposes in the event security breaches are detected. Should an emergency take place, alarm systems and facility-wide communication systems can cut through the chaos and provide clarity and instructions for those on the premises.

EcoStruxure Security Expert

EcoStruxure Security Expert is a unified solution that combines building access, intrusion detection, visitor security, and more. Our easy to configure and fast to deploy security platform solution is ideal for enterprises of all sizes and backgrounds, including government facilities.


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