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Government facility maintenance management is multi-faceted, and it can certainly get overwhelming to keep close tabs on everything necessary.

Government facility maintenance management is multi-faceted, and it can certainly get overwhelming to keep close tabs on everything necessary. Added to that is the pressure to keep all building tenants safe by maintaining an optimal and efficient workplace. Smart buildings can use software solutions to streamline their space management and facility maintenance management needs. Check out the many software solutions Schneider has to offer and get in touch with Critical Systems to explore the right product for your government facility.

Staying On Top of Building Maintenance

Of course, one of the components of facility maintenance that first comes to mind is the mechanical systems, such as the commercial HVAC system. In this particular example, the HVAC system needs to perform in top condition if it is to keep building-wide employees comfortable and safe. Another vital building system is the life safety systems like smoke detectors and the sprinkler system. Your facility maintenance management software can run tests to ensure these life safety devices are fully functioning in the event a disaster strikes.

Align Occupancy with Sanitization Measures

Sanitation and disinfecting measures are a relatively new aspect of safety that facility managers must prioritize given the global health crisis. One way to make the most of the available technology is to pair occupancy data — collected from space management tools — and using that information to inform your facility’s sanitization measures. This way, areas of the building with the highest recorded traffic can receive more stringent cleaning. The cleaning schedule can be reevaluated as needed based on new information.

Enable Quick Communication with Employees

Concise and reliable communication is an imperative factor when it comes to matters of security and tenant safety. But even when there aren’t any trespassers and physical security threats around the building, having a quick communication system can still be extremely valuable. Primarily, this facility maintenance management software can be accessed through employees’ mobile devices to send and receive alerts. An outlet may be malfunctioning, and a service worker could attend to it before a potential electrical fire breaks out. Or, perhaps there’s a spill in a hallway or ice in a parking lot that needs to be reported and addressed before a slip-and-fall workplace accident happens.


At Critical Systems, the people come first, from our employees to our customers. We strive to attract and develop the best talent in the business. Our goal is to deliver innovative solutions for the purpose of making every government building secure, efficient, and effectively managed. As the current only entity of our parent company Schneider Electric focusing on federal projects, our team implements infrastructure, technology, and automation solutions that support government clients and federal building projects. Serving the Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and Baltimore regions, SEBCSI provides innovative solutions for your smart building or facility. How can Critical Systems’ wide array of products and services support your critical infrastructure? Visit our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn today! If you’re looking for more information or interested in working with us on your next project, please contact us!

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