How Data Centers Can Achieve Sustainability Goals

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It’s possible for all data centers to achieve sustainable energy goals, it will just require some extra but rewarding effort.

Making an effort towards being sustainable is not only very important for the environment, but most investors, as well as consumers, feel that it is a must-have for any data center of the future. There is also the overhanging possibility that legal requirements and regulations regarding sustainability may soon enough become a reality. Unfortunately, most data centers, including ones in the government sector, are not up to standard when it comes to sustainability. After all, most data centers must use a large amount of electricity to operate properly, which can make maintaining environmental sustainability rather challenging. However, just because something is a hurdle does not mean that it is completely out of reach. There are plenty of ways that government data centers can make efforts toward a sustainable footprint. It just requires a bit of time and energy. Here are some tips on how government data centers can develop and maintain their sustainable energy consumption goals. 

Rewrite your Strategy from the Ground Up

The first part of setting goals is to provide reasonable means in which to achieve those goals. This is usually accomplished via a business strategy. In order for data centers to meet sustainability goals, energy consumption must be planned for and highlighted in the overall business strategy. Keeping the strategy clear and concise, as well as advised by experts from all industries, will help keep your data centers on track to achieve core goals. For example, making minimizing CO2 emissions a priority of your data center’s business model will help you work towards the development and implementation of more sustainable strategies. 

Execute Sustainable Data Center Design

After developing a strategy and achievable goals, it’s time to start putting your plan into action. As we all know, data centers generally use a substantial amount of energy. But, there are some workarounds that can be used to make sure that energy is being used efficiently. For example, using liquid cooling for routers and modems instead of a more traditional fan approach could help reduce data centers’ energy consumption by up to 15 percent. It is also crucial to keep in mind the physical design of the data centers themselves. Keeping them as compact as possible can help free up outdoor space, in which forests or gardens can be planted instead.

Energy-Efficient Programming

One last step to take towards bettering your government data centers’ sustainability efforts is by installing overall programming that prevents excess energy use. For example, a connected room solution can be used for areas that are non-essential and not currently in use, such as an employee office area on weekends. There is also software that tracks and identifies potential problem areas where energy is being spent an abnormal amount. These monitoring and management programs are a great step towards creating a more sustainable data center.


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