How Digitization Helps Sustainable Buildings

Schneider critical sustainable buildings

Digitization helps keep sustainable buildings sustainable, even when physical problems occur.

As a government facility, it is up to you to set an example of sustainable energy for the rest of the electrical industry. Finding and using alternative methods to burning fossil fuels is crucial for a safe and healthy future. Sustainable buildings are a great place to start but keeping a building sustainable over decades-long periods of use is the challenge. This is where the digitization aspect comes in. By adding a digital aspect to your sustainable buildings, you are taking an extended effort towards smarter and more efficient consumption of energy usage and natural resources. How, might you ask? It all comes down to the digital ability to make timely decisions. This blog will let you know how the digitization of sustainable buildings directly aids in the long-term efficient consumption of energy. 

The Three Sustainable Buildings Enablers

When it comes to sustainable buildings running on SEBCSI’s state-of-the-art automation programs, there are three major ways that long-term sustainability can be achieved. The first is the Internet of Things (or IoT.) IoT is a digital measurement method that keeps track of how much energy and resources are being used at one time across all parts of the building. When combined with a controllable management program, building managers are able to determine which areas of buildings require the most energy and which areas require the least and make plans accordingly. What’s amazing about IoT technology is its innate ability to be flexible and customized depending on the setting. This is an especially useful feature for sustainable government buildings that desire to use as little energy as possible. Secondly, analytics via AI (artificial intelligence) can help in making predictions based on previous data to recommend which areas need energy and which do not. Lastly, there is the digital ecosystem collaboration, which is partnering with a technology partner such as Schneider Electric Critical Systems to develop custom, fine-tuned programming to keep your buildings sustainable buildings far into the future. 

The Benefits of Sustainable Buildings

When used in combination, the three enablers allow for your Smart government building to be transformed into a high-powered but efficient electrical facility. Not only does the program allow for automation of very important environmental factors such as fuel and energy production and consumption, but it also allows for government facilities to focus their efforts elsewhere while the program does a large portion of work. Incorporating a custom energy management program into your sustainable buildings will greatly contribute to your efforts in developing an effective and economical long-term sustainability strategy.


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