How Edge Micro Data Centers Can Accommodate The Growth Of Your Business

Learn how micro data centers can accommodate the growth of your business.

Learn how micro data centers can accommodate the growth of your business.

There are new trends and technologies on the rise that make it more realistic for companies to use spare space and power to house micro data centers to support their business, rather than building their own centralized data centers. The approach of deploying single-rack data centers can save up to 42% capital expense compared to building a new centralized data center. Continue reading to learn more about edge micro data centers and how they can accommodate the growth of your business.

Main Drivers For Micro Data Centers

There are four main drivers for the adoption of micro data centers, including scalability, speed of development, reliability, and outsourcing to the cloud and colocation. Scalability refers to conserving capital by only paying for what you need at the time you need it. Micro data centers and their IT kit can easily be “stepped and repeated” to accommodate the growth of your business.

The speed of development refers to how fast you can produce and install a data center in your building. The larger the data center, the more complex it is, especially when many people are involved. Micro data centers have a very quick development speed, as you can order a single part number that comes with everything required, including the IT gear.

Reliability in a data center will typically increase as standardization increases. It’s important to keep in mind that the larger the data center, the more customized it will become.

Outsourcing to the cloud and colocation are resulting in companies having less equipment to house in a centralized data center. However, the network equipment at the edge such as offices and retail stores require added power and cooling reliability, since the operations may be dependent on connectivity to the cloud.

Making Micro Data Centers Possible

Micro data centers are conceivable thanks to IT enablers. There are three main IT technologies that enable the use of micro data centers, including Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), compaction, and virtualization. These technologies allow IT admins to utilize compute, storage, and networking in a single 2-3U appliance. The HCI management software simplifies everyday tasks, and allows distributed nodes to operate as a logical single data center. This is what makes the idea of breaking up a centralized data center into multiple micro data centers achievable.

Probable Cost

Lastly, it’s important to look at the cost to prove the worth of micro data centers. To quantify how much you could save by utilizing costs in existing buildings, a capital expense (CapEx) model that takes into account all of the physical infrastructures in a building, such as electrical gear, fire suppression, and more. When the expenses are added up, it was found that using micro data centers into existing buildings can save 42%- proving that they are a great solution to accommodate the growth of a business.


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