How HVAC Repairs and Updates Improve Overall Efficiency

How HVAC Repairs and Updates Improve Overall Efficiency

A building’s HVAC system influences efficiency in major ways. Get those repairs and updates done sooner than later!

It’s essential not to overlook anything in a building when finding areas for improvement. Even minor repairs and updates can create major impacts on a building’s efficiency. Your building’s HVAC system might be that next area you should look into renovating. The heating and cooling system affects how the building uses energy and the comfort of the people inside. Keep reading to see why Critical Systems believes HVAC repairs and updates can improve efficiency.

Bundled in BMS Upgrade

Taking the opportunity to conduct HVAC repairs and updates could mean a more significant upgrade to the building management system, or BMS. The building management system controls the HVAC system, along with things like lighting and access control. A BMS already commands several building systems that impact the amount of money and energy the building uses. Improving the efficiency of one system could allow for a chance to examine how other the other systems can be upgraded as they work towards the same goal. In other words, improve a building’s overall efficiency by upgrading the efficient management system as a whole. Plus, the  building doesn’t have to be a smart building to reap the benefits of an improved BMS, so don’t delay!

Cost-Efficient Cooling and Heating

This point may be the most obvious reason: HVAC repairs and updates improve a building’s cost efficiency in heating and cooling. According to the International Energy Agency, buildings use 30% of all energy consumed globally and makes up more than 55% of the global electricity demand. Despite this great amount of energy usage, are we being efficient when powering necessary heating and cooling service? Making sure your building’s HVAC system is in top condition means less money and energy wasted with poor performing temperature and ventilation system.

Refine Employees’ Work Environment

Of course, employees make a huge impact on a building and the business operations’ efficiency. The HVAC system largely controls the building’s climate and air quality. A broken or outdated HVAC system may create too hot or cold temperatures for employees to work comfortably. Additionally, rundown HVAC systems mean the vents can circulate contaminants and bacteria, which are hazardous if inhaled. If the employees aren’t working in a comfortable and safe environment, then they aren’t working efficiently.


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