How HVAC Systems Energy is Improved by VSDs During the Pandemic

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VSDs are a helpful tool for improving the efficiency of HVAC systems.

Any government building owner or manager knows the importance of not only the energy consumption of the building but an emphasis on the safety and health of the occupants. This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to affect our workplace and society as a whole. As of now, commercial-based buildings use up to 40% of all energy worldwide, and this does not seem to slow. There have been great improvements for the efficiency of HVAC systems pre-pandemic, but now the development is even more valuable. An increased level of ventilation is key for the safety of in-house employees to prevent COVID-19 infection and transmission since it is an airborne disease. Luckily, variable speed drives, or VSDs, can be installed to HVAC systems to help make them simultaneously more energy-efficient and safe for employees during the pandemic. Here’s how they can improve the circulation in your government facility. 

Better Directed Airflow

In a regular building with unregulated HVAC systems, most building managers or owners will simply turn off the systems during hours of no occupancy for energy conserving purposes. However, this means that the air inside becomes stagnant, which can actually promote bacterial growth inside. With the use of a VSD system, you can program your building’s HVAC systems to run on a very low rotation fan value during empty occupancy hours. This means the air will still be circulating within the HVAC systems but will not be as much as it would during a fully occupied workday. This still filters the air, but not at the cost of energy efficiency. 

Easier Remote Management

Not everyone is well educated in how HVAC systems work down to the tiniest details, and that is okay—with a VSD system from Schneider Critical, learning how to monitor and maintain your HVAC systems is super easy. A smart VSD system can alert building maintenance of any potential problems that might be occurring within the HVAC systems, such as fan malfunctions or motor overheating events. You will be alerted quickly so you can take action much faster than hiring an HVAC expert. 

Lower Energy Consumption

Did your government facility know that you can save up to 40% of energy costs by installing a VSD system to your HVAC systems? This is due to the customizable properties of a VSD system as opposed to a regular fixed management system. A VSD system can identify problems while they occur and can automatically shut off any problematic areas where energy may be unneeded or unaccounted for. 

VSDs Help with HVAC System Legal Requirements

One great feature of VSDs is that they can fit great into older buildings’ HVAC systems as well. They are not an exclusive feature of brand new Smart buildings. One important component of modern VSDs is that they can help elevate your HVAC systems to consistently maintain legal requirements for HVACs, like energy consumption and air quality. 


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