How Sustainability Plays Into Edge Data Center Management

How Sustainability Plays Into Edge Data Center Management

Industries worldwide rely on digital transformation, which has placed urgency upon Schneider and our partners in data center management to come up with solutions to support this shift.

Critical facilities do well to benefit from sustainability and efficiency-boosting initiatives. Corporate-responsibility arguments aside, adopting measures to improve operational efficiencies drives better productivity at lower costs. Data centers, especially the emergent edge data centers, must leverage sustainability when it comes to data center management. Edge centers were deployed to better endpoint users across the ever-expanding global network. Industries worldwide rely on digital transformation, which has placed urgency upon Schneider and our partners in data center management to come up with solutions to support this shift. The goal has always been to improve edge data center management, and now, we have new approaches and technologies assisting those efforts.

Looming Concerns on Data Center Energy Consumption

There are no limits to human innovation, but there are limitations to resources and costs that enable those innovations. As such, we cannot let our energy consumption and associated costs be outpaced by digital transformation. IoT, digital networking, AI, and big data are all examples of new technologies that will increase global demand and strain on data centers. Edge data center management processes must find ways to improve power usage effectiveness in powering infrastructures, such as cooling mechanisms and servers, as well as processing the unimaginable amounts of data. The deployment of edge centers themselves have been a step at supplying high-quality data-processing power to data generation and delivery points. Of course, that doesn’t mean this solution didn’t create some issues within itself, such as limited to no on-site IT staff.

Plans to Increase Efficiency and Sustainability

As more edge centers are created, edge data center management plans must deploy scalable solutions to encourage sustainable means of data-reliance. To start, we must acknowledge a lot of the work that is yet to be done must be optimized to be completed remotely. Outfitting data centers to communicate benchmark data and predictive analytic capabilities remove the challenges of limited on-site staff. These insights lead to plan refinement that will optimize energy consumption and lower costs. When on-site service is required, dedicated edge center monitoring and servicing initiatives can fill in those gaps.

Partners who invest in edge center development are more inclined to adopt sustainable practices when presented with an “all-in-one” turnkey solution. Standardizing the remote operating systems and retrofitting existing ones allows the data center management of multiple locations through one platform.

Schneider Electric Products and Solutions: EcoStruxure IT

Schneider Electric’s products and solutions came about to support our customers through our age of digital transformation. Improved sustainability happens to be a byproduct of the benefits offered in the EcoStruxure platforms. More specifically, the platform in data centers, EcoStruxure IT, continues to bring value to data and edge centers alike. The foundation of expanded IoT-driven capabilities lies in vital data center management surrounding those critical infrastructures. Get in touch with SEBCSI today to see what our team can do for your business.


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