How to Overcome The Challenge of Managing Energy and Sustainability Data

Learn how to overcome the challenge of managing and energy and sustainability data.

Learn how to overcome the challenge of managing and energy and sustainability data.

As the development and adoption of technologies for energy and sustainability management increases, tech companies are struggling to manage all of the data. Cloud-based processing and sensing technology have made it easier to collect, store, and analyze large amounts of data, but many companies find it challenging to turn this data into actionable insights. Continue reading for a few tips on how to overcome the data collection and sharing challenge.

Real-Time Metering

Data is always readily available, but many companies struggle with ensuring data quality and using information for sharing and collaboration. The collection and analysis of energy and sustainability data can be intimidating, since the amount of available data is always increasing, and the need to ensure data quality is critical. One way to overcome the challenge is to use EcoStruxure Resource Advisor to create dashboards with real-time metering data. Within minutes, you can have access to a complete picture of energy demand that allows employees to adjust quickly, rather than waiting for a month or longer for the utility bill to arrive. This corporate-level data can then be shared with third-party partners, such as Energy Star, to provide proof to internal stakeholders that clearly show the program’s success.

Implementing Submetering Systems 

By implementing submeters across the sites owned by your organization, your company will have more granular energy consumption data. A global aerospace organization applied submeters across its top 40 sites, and each local team was trained to access and monitor the data themselves instead of relying on corporate oversight. Another great example is from an agricultural company that is leading a change management operation that will allow teams on the ground to take ownership of their daily energy performance and increase proficiency.

Invest In Data Analysis Expertise

Many companies struggle with not having enough resources to analyze all of their data. If your company is dealing with this challenge, make it a goal to hire analysts to drive stronger decision-making based upon the available data. Investing in data analysis expertise will pay off in the long run!

Goal Alignment

To overcome the data collection and sharing challenge, there must be an alignment of corporate and sustainability goals. For example, a banking institution makes it a point that every internal department has visibility into the overall business strategy and long-term organizational vision. Therefore, sharing important data with all departments is essential, which helps the sustainability team secure approval and funding for key initiatives.


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