How We Can Make Sustainable Energy Our Future Power Solution

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In order to move towards a clean future, sustainable energy must be a priority.

We all know that the Earth’s natural resources have been on a huge decline over the past couple of decades due to rising populations and increased demands. This means that government electrical power facilities must focus their time on research and development of alternative and sustainable energy sources other than finite sources such as oils and coals. A lot of ideas have been thrown around about how to accomplish this, but many seem so unrealistic that they seem unachievable in an efficient, economically sound, or timely manner. However, SEBCSI has been conducting research and discussions about how to make a sustainable energy power solution realistic and palpable in the future. Here are a few areas to investigate on how to make the possibility of sustainable energy realistic for the near future. 

Keep an Eye on Demand

At our current usage rate, it is estimated that we have about 200 years left of fossil fields left underground. However, because demand becomes increasingly higher as electrical power systems increase, the consumption rate also increases. That’s what the reports would tell you around a decade ago when sustainable energy was still a new force in the industry. But flash forward to 2021. There is no longer a tremendous demand for fossil fuel, and many experts predict that 200 years’ worth of oil may not need to be used. This is due to the shift in the industry. More and more governments have shifted their demand towards the development of sustainable energy power solutions, which has caused the creation of an entirely new and effective energy system development. 

Transition to Energy Efficient Buildings and Facilities

A huge factor in energy consumption is continuing to use older buildings that rely on outdated power systems. While many government facilities may be off-put about the initial price, the long-lasting investment is well worth it when it comes to sustainable energy power system development. Smart buildings are built to adapt; they are purposefully made with the future of power in mind. All systems within, such as heat, air conditioning, HVAC, and other typical buildings, are all optimized for the development of sustainable energy from construction and are built for adaptation to whatever the newest technology allows for. Relying on older buildings just becomes redundant and more expensive.

Learn from the Transitions of the Past

History is a great place to start looking when thinking of realistic ways to shift to sustainable energy. For example, what caused many governments to switch from coal to oil for electrical power? And before that, from wood-burning power to coal? The answer almost always lies in demand for new innovation. In today’s day and age, the hey-day of fossil fuels is over, and we are now in a rapid-paced, yet exciting transition period from one fuel to another fuel. As we move onto another period of fuel, it is still wise to take a look at what events caused the new shift in fuel production and apply any positives to sustainable energy development. 


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