Commercial HVAC Maintenance is Important Year-Round

Commercial HVAC Maintenance is Important Year-Round

The seasons shouldn’t dictate your commercial HVAC maintenance needs. It should be a priority for your facility year-round!

People tend to make commercial HVAC maintenance a more significant concern approaching winter and summer months. However, maintaining optimal HVAC systems should be a priority year-round for facilities and buildings everywhere. Routine commercial HVAC maintenance supports several companies’ infrastructures in terms of financial impact and sustaining a safe work environment at all times throughout the year.

Saving Money and Improving Bottom Line

Paying energy bills is a necessary expense all facilities must make, but one can take steps to reduce company spending. When an HVAC system can run at peak efficiency, the system does not have to overwork to compensate for inadequate cooling or heating when you need it. Keeping the system running smoothly with commercial HVAC maintenance services is a small investment that can reduce your overall energy bills by thousands of dollars. Further, regular maintenance reduces the likelihood of your equipment needing costly replacements. In many cases, HVAC manufacturers require proof of regular maintenance in order not to violate terms of the system warranty, if it comes down to needing repairs or replacement.

Keeping Building Tenants and Employees Comfortable

Of course, HVAC systems need to be working properly to provide comfortable indoor climates. Even temporary shut-downs and system failures can put your building tenants and employees in disagreeable conditions, which are often unbearable during the more extreme points of the hot and cold seasons. Staying on top of HVAC maintenance ensures warm or cool air is readily distributed to keep facilities in comfortable states, with minimal disruptions to people and the operations carried out.

Improving Indoor Air Quality and Staying Safe

In some critical facilities, like hospitals, commercial HVAC maintenance is essential to their safety operations. However, even if a building does not rely on their HVAC system to such an extent, regular maintenance is still just as important. Beyond regulating indoor temperatures for comfort, HVAC systems also control ventilation to improve indoor air quality. In several indoor settings, airborne pollutants and contaminants may be present at several times higher than outdoor levels. Allergens like dander, dust, pollen, and mold are just some of the air impurities that can be found indoors. The allergens are created either through regular facility use and occupancy or tracked in from outside. Continuous exposure to poor indoor air quality is known to trigger or cause otherwise healthy individuals to develop respiratory issues.

Be Proactive with Preventative Maintenance

To guarantee that your facility will always have a well-performing HVAC system, you need to keep in mind commercial HVAC maintenance all year-round. Establishing preventative maintenance plans is the best way to catch minor problems before they turn into more serious issues. Employ regular equipment inspections, system efficiency tests, and frequent cleaning. Plus, completing all these necessary maintenance measures is far from complicated. Many of today’s commercial buildings use building management systems to track their HVAC maintenance needs.


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