Importance Of Security Systems In Government Buildings

Learn about the importance of security systems in government buildings.

Learn about the importance of security systems in government buildings.

Government buildings require different management and security systems than any other type of building, as they face more risks of security threats and breaches. At Critical Systems by Schneider Electric, we understand that government buildings require a special set of skills, and have experience in the installation and management of Federal security systems. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of top-notch security systems in government buildings.

Outside Threats

Government buildings can be faced with all kinds of threats, from theft and break-ins to data breaches. This is why a high-level security system is necessary and is the best line of defense against dangers. When deciding the best security measures to protect your Federal building, it’s best to consider all potential security threats. Then, your security resources should match the potential threats to your specific government building.

Entrance Security

Since government buildings are at a higher risk for thieves and break-ins, they need the best entrance security to stop potential threats from entering the building. This includes secure entrances that require passcodes or key-card access, as well as metal detectors to scan each person as they walk into the building. It’s also important to know who is entering the building at all times, so guests must be authorized ahead of time to be allowed on the premises.


Crisis communication systems are critical in all Federal buildings and should be installed on the inside and outside of the building. These systems are essential in informing occupants of an emergency, and key personnel must have the access and knowledge to use the systems effectively.


Security systems should also be triggered when something is tampered with by sounding off an alarm. This will not only alert those in the building of a potential security threat, but also scares off criminals before they can steal too much information. Electrical closets and phone lines are the most common targets for thieves and hackers, so these areas need additional security measures.


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