Improving Energy Efficiency in the Healthcare Industry

Learn how the healthcare industry can improve energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is important in every industry, from healthcare to manufacturing. Today, we are focusing on practical ways to improve energy efficiency in healthcare settings. At Critical Systems, our healthcare building management solutions allow healthcare organizations to meet their needs while maintaining an environment that is comfortable for everyone in the building.

Plan Ahead

First, you need to develop a concrete plan to improve your energy efficiency. Where will you start? How much effort do you need to put into the process? By doing some work beforehand and deciding on benchmarks, you will dramatically increase your chances for success. Planning ahead also gives you the chance to launch your energy efficiency initiative formally to staff members and janitorial workers, who will both be important allies along the way.


The first R in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is the most important for a healthcare setting. You should always aim to reduce the number of goods you are using, the amount of energy you are using, and the amount of waste you are producing. Even simple steps, like putting certain lights on sensors, can lower your energy bills and reduce your energy consumption. Many doctors mistakenly assume that cutting down on energy use means cutting down on patient safety, but that isn’t always the case.

Have an Energy Audit

Energy audits are the single best way to see where the energy in your building is being used. These audits can be conducted by an outside firm, and they are comprehensive and very detailed. An energy audit will walk through your facility to spot inefficiencies in real time and also use submeters to track patterns in electricity usage.

Many healthcare facilities are shocked at the results of their energy audits, as they don’t realize how many lights stay on for longer than needed, or how many devices that could be unplugged and turned off remain plugged in. An energy audit can introduce your business to the things that you might be doing wrong, and offer your healthcare facility concrete ways to improve them for the future.


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