Improving Energy Efficiency in the Healthcare Industry

Learn how the healthcare industry can become more energy efficient!

According to a report released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), healthcare organizations spend over $6.5 billion on energy every year, and the amount continues to increase. As the need to soften the world’s impact on the environment becomes more severe, hospitals continue to seek energy efficient solutions while effectively providing patient care. At Schneider Electric Critical Systems, our healthcare building management solutions allow healthcare organizations to meet their needs while maintaining an environment that is comfortable for patients, physicians, nurses, and staff.

Opportunities for Energy Savings

Healthcare organizations can find energy savings through multiple efforts. A few examples include:

  1. Setting Energy Goals. By hiring an energy manager, or by taking advantage of an energy management solution, healthcare organizations can establish energy saving goals. In 2015, a survey revealed that less than half of health facilities in the United States have energy use targets that are monitored by professionals.
  2. Update Equipment. By updating healthcare equipment, such as MRI and CT scanners, to more efficient models, your organization can use up to 50 percent less energy.
  3. Assess Energy Leaks. Before updating expensive equipment, ensure that minor equipment is operating efficiently. Since most healthcare buildings are open 24 hours a day, idling equipment can let the energy go to waste for multiple hours.

How to Achieve Healthcare Energy Efficiency

When seeking to improve healthcare energy efficiency, it’s important to gain the support of senior administrators as well as the manager of the facility and the director of engineering. As hospitals juggle the needs of their patients and budget constraints, improving energy efficiency may not seem like a priority for some executives. It’s critical to note that healthcare buildings can decrease their carbon footprint by making simple changes to their daily operations.



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