ION Technology In Relation to Power Management

Learn about ION technology in relation to power management.

Learn about ION technology in relation to power management.

At first glance, ION technology may seem like a confusing concept. However, it is actually much simpler than you think! Read on to have a better understanding of ION technology and how it relates to power management, and to learn about Schneider Electric’s energy and power management systems.

What Is ION Technology?

A good metaphor for ION technology is that it is like a truck made out of building blocks. With these blocks, you can add or rearrange pieces of your truck for certain tasks- such as adding a plow in the winter when it snows or building a bed to haul a large load. If your system is equipped with ION technology, you have all of the “building blocks” you need for power management. Just as the truck has every piece you need to rearrange and fit your needs, ION technology allows you to access any information you need.  

For example, you can collect energy data from gas and water meters, manage loads to avoid excessive demands or calculate how much it costs to manufacture each product you ship. With ION technology, simply add new pieces and link them up, and you will have access to all of this information and more. ION Technology lives inside Schneider Electric’s power meters (PowerLogic ION Meters) and software (EcoStruxure Power Management Software) and allows you to make the power management applications you need at any time- the possibilities are endless!

Power Management

Power and energy management are extremely important concepts, as businesses want to improve efficiency and minimize energy waste as much as possible. Power is also critical for every facility, as unplanned outages, glitches, and poor power quality can add up and cost your business time and money. In fact, businesses can face a 20-30% energy loss without energy improvement, and companies worldwide have lost $119 billion in annual productivity due to power disruptions and outages. That’s why it is critical to have the proper power and energy management system in place to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and meet sustainability goals.

Schneider Electric’s power and energy management systems such as PowerLogic Power Monitoring System and EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert software are great ways to help your business optimize performance, prevent power failures, improve reliability, and increase efficiency.


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