Internet of Things Trends Impacting Building Management Systems

Internet of Things Trends Impacting Building Management Systems

Building management systems continue to improve because of how the IoT enables cutting-edge technology.

Connecting building management systems through the Internet of Things (IoT) was not a singular moment of digital transformation. The industry continues to change and grow because of the ways the IoT has enabled data transfer. New solutions and priorities have emerged, predominantly as a response to the changing landscape of data processing and security issues that continued IoT connectivity has brought to attention. We can expect these trends and more to influence the way we use building management systems.

Employing Software-As-a-Service

Connected devices, equipment, and other sensors gather data as part of the Internet of Things. Building and facility managers will have the option to do what they will with this data by overseeing their building management systems through an interface product. This all leads to the rise in Software-As-a-Service (SaaS) in conjunction with the IoT. With SaaS, providers host an application that can serve as the central interface building managers and their organization will want to use. The best applications will attract companies that may otherwise not have the appropriate IT resources to develop and manage their own building management systems software.

Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

The amount of data gathering facilities are capable of doing today is astounding. However, the value does not come solely from the metric or rate in which they can collect information, but rather it’s what meaningful insights they can extract from available data. Often, these insights can be indicative of trends to follow or potential system failures. The data-processing capabilities currently use advanced analytics and are delving more and more into artificial intelligence-enabled technologies. All this to say, analytic reports from IoT connected data can suggest more accurate predictive measures that are sure to drive successful decision-making.

Relying on Edge Computing

To enable the vast amounts of data processing, while delivering seamless experiences to the people who use building management system apps, IoT devices transfer that data to edge computing networks. Edge centers emerged as a solution for organizations to manage data with fewer latency issues and overall reduce traffic on their network. It was only a matter of time that edge computing would step in for facilities to manage their infrastructure data like it is already doing when servicing various industries.

Prioritizing IoT Security

IoT interconnectivity in building management systems shows no signs of slowing down. As with most instances of network expansion and data increase, more information can be put at risk for targeted cyberattacks. Until recently, IoT devices focused on gathering and sending data to building management applications did not put as much emphasis on individual device security. Each connected device presents a vulnerability hackers can use to gain access to an organization’s network. However, every day, organizations and system developers are realizing the need to prioritize IoT security within their facility. Much of the advancements that have gone into data analysis are also being used to monitor for data security breaches or signs of threat.


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