How IoT Will Help Revolutionize The Ultimate Shopping Experience

 Learn how the Internet of Things (IoT) will help revolutionize the ultimate shopping experience.

Learn how the Internet of Things (IoT) will help revolutionize the ultimate shopping experience.

Retail stores have been through many upgrades as technology evolves to benefits customers, but the shopping experience is about to get even more personalized. In the near future, many stores will use high-end technology, including facial recognition systems, for a completely revolutionized and personalized experience. Continue reading to learn more about how personalized shopping experiences, virtual reality shopping, and inventory control are all made possible by IoT and edge computing.

Facial Recognition

High-end retailers have already started using facial recognition systems to identify people as soon as they enter the store. With extreme high-definition cameras that generate megabits of data every second, the system can identify a person and customize the experience to their wants and needs. The system does so by scanning a face and collecting basic information, such as age, gender, and race. The system also notes interesting information such as the areas of the store the person shops, how long it takes to choose an item and the mood that the person’s facial expressions convey.

Virtual Reality Shopping

In preparation for virtual reality shopping, customers should wear Oculus goggles or use a device that shows coupons for specific items as they walk around the store. The device may also include videos and commercials of merchandise you pass to give you more information or help you decide which is best suited to your needs. When picking up an item you like, the device may play a commercial of a competitor’s commercial to sway you in another direction. While some customers may not love this idea right away, it can be extremely helpful in certain situations, such as in a grocery store. The virtual reality device will know the ingredients in every item you pick up, and can inform you of allergens that you are unaware of.

IoT and Edge Computing

All of these improvements to the shopping experience can be made possible with IoT and edge computing. With a combination of IoT transmitters, sensors, cameras, and beacons that connect to a data center on-site at every retail location, virtual reality shopping, and facial recognition technology will soon be expected at stores around the world. The on-site data centers are part of a larger computing architecture and located on the network edge. Computing technology will continue to advance, and retail stores as we know it will be a way of the past, as IoT will completely revolutionize the shopping experience.


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