Is Your Office Making the Most Out of Space Management Tools?

Is Your Office Making the Most Out of Space Management Tools?

Like the features included in Schneider’s EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor, space management tools can help organizations adapt quickly and overcome workspace issues.

If your organization is not already using space management tools, your office could be missing out on critical optimization strategies. In order for modern facilities to stay ahead of the curve, they need the right technology supporting their office work environment. Like the features included in Schneider’s EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor, space management tools can help organizations adapt quickly and overcome workspace issues.

Leveraging Occupancy Data

Space management tools give office managers the ability to monitor occupancy levels and collect occupancy data. You may be wondering what the advantages of gathering this type of data in the first place are. Well, in any given office environment, occupant comfort is key. Space management tools that collect occupancy data doesn’t just tell you how many people are in areas throughout your building; it also can show you usage patterns and predict traffic over time. As a result, there are a couple of ways your facility could leverage this information.

One way is to use the data to optimize HVAC settings to achieve thermal comfort and adequate ventilation. Many smart building environments assess occupancy levels when determining protocols for good indoor air quality and, ultimately, create a healthy and safe indoor climate. Office or building managers can also use this data to allocate cleaning efforts to high-traffic areas to improve sanitation measures’ efficacy.

Promote Safe Distancing

The once-bustling office workplace now looks very different, with many organizations operating at reduced capacity. Most local jurisdictions have laid out distancing guidelines that are to be followed within facilities. Space management tools can eliminate the potential of overcrowding, which would make it very difficult for occupants to maintain social distancing. The previously mentioned occupancy data can help office managers develop new policies to accommodate the needs of building tenants to use certain amenities while observing the safe capacity.

Additionally, some offices make space management tools accessible to the tenants through a kiosk display or information on their mobile devices. This puts real-time occupancy and availability data in employees’ hands so they can make the best decisions for themselves.

Support Office Asset Utilization

Whether the asset in question in a meeting room or workstation, space management tools can detect asset availability and direct occupants to the resources they need. Advanced versions of space management tools ensure the floor space and technology at your disposal are put into optimal use, even accounting for interim changes like the reduced occupancy and safe distancing measures. 

Space Management Tools Are Adaptable and Accessible

The best way to ensure your chosen space management solution can keep up with your office needs as your organization changes is to implement an adaptable and accessible solution. What does this look like? For starters, the space management tools should be able to operate from an open architecture platform. It’s deployable to work with equipment from several vendors, as well as able to include more IoT-connected sensors readily. Further, it’s best to look for a platform that integrates with other applications and systems since the collected information could also assist with wayfinding or predictive maintenance.

EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor has all the space management tools and more you would need to optimize your office.


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