The Many Roles In The Construction Industry

Learn about a few of the many roles in the construction industry.

Learn about a few of the many roles in the construction industry.

A construction project takes many roles and organizations to complete, from the construction manager overseeing the project to the electricians and engineers on the job site. If you’re interested in learning more about the construction industry and how a building construction project works, continue reading for a quick look at a few of the many roles involved and their responsibilities.

Construction Manager

The constructor manager has the most important job, as he or she oversees the entire project from start to finish. Not every project is the same, as sometimes they individually manage a project, while other times they may work with multiple construction managers. In addition to overseeing the project, their responsibilities include planning and budgeting. The planning process involves deciding on materials, schedule employees, and scheduling the project deadlines. They are the point-person if anything goes wrong during the project, so they are essentially on-call at all times.


An architect works with the client to make the project come to life. They are the ones who deliver the creative plans, then communicates that plans to workers and oversees the job. They are involved with the project from beginning to end, as they must ensure the client will be happy with the results.

Construction Foreman

The foreman is ahead of the workers on the job-site. He or she is responsible for the men and women construction workers and handles any problems or injuries on the site. The foreman is also responsible for hiring their workers, keeping track of their timecards and payroll, and ensuring they stay on schedule.

Construction Workers

Construction workers are the ones who work on-site to demolish old buildings and build new structures. There are often many construction workers on the site at once, so they must work well with their team members and follow strict specifications from their supervisor.


Engineers are crucial for various construction projects, ranging from electrical engineers to mechanical engineers. They create plans for projects and oversee implementation, meeting with team members to ensure their plans are being executed correctly.


Electricians make electrical connections in new buildings, and install all wiring and ensure electronics are fully functional. A majority of their job responsibilities require critical thinking to fix problems efficiently.


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