How to Optimize Your Government Smart Building for a Pandemic

Your government Smart building probably houses many essential employees who may have COVID-19 safety concerns. Here are a few approaches to optimizing your Smart building for maximum employee efficiency and comfort.

Most Smart buildings built for government facilities already have design features to help keep essential workers inside safe during a pandemic.

Smart buildings are more important than ever as 2020 trends continue into 2021. Many commercial buildings have sat empty for months as employees continue to work from home. However, as government facilities are considered essential, many employees are needed physically at work. However, this is no easy task for employees. This is extremely important that the workplace remains safe for employees. Smart buildings must also focus on the core goals of sustainability and energy efficiency. Although the building may be aesthetically pleasing, safe, and optimized for best employee performance in a pre-pandemic circumstance, the possibility of being exposed to an illness at their workplace may detract from their productivity. Luckily, most smart buildings already utilize ways to accommodate social distancing, with more windows for natural ventilation and more open floor plans that allow for a large occupant load to meet the CDC’s 6-foot separation criteria. There are additional approaches to optimize your smart government facility for maximum employee comfort and performance. Here is an innovative suggestion for government facilities to consider. 

Try Arc Re-Entry Guidance

When facing a pandemic of a deadly disease, many essential workers may feel a bit wary of coming into their work every day. Therefore, their employer needs to have a structured plan in order to ensure safety while at work. New prevention measures for disease control such as temperature checks and contract tracing are the new norm for any brick-and-mortar workspace, but smart buildings can take even more steps through the Arc Re-Entry Guidance plan. Created by the Green Building Certification, Inc organization (the creators of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED certification) and their frequent partner company Arc Skoru, the plan involves an organized way to use a smart building’s pre-existing features to help with infrastructure during a pandemic. 

Re-entry Goals for your Government Smart Building

The primary goal is to ensure the effectiveness of work during a pandemic through employee comfort level. Some of the goals of re-entry include:

  1.  to document policies and procedures when it comes to infection control 
  2. periodically collect information from employees about comfort level and analyze trends to improve upon
  3. focus on particulates when measuring indoor air quality of the facility
  4. Maintaining proper humidity levels inside the building within the healthy recommended range
  5. Ensuring to update all employees frequently about any new changes to the building’s safety programs so that all are well informed

A government facility management team can then periodically survey the building employees and use the data to find areas of improvement and work towards even better satisfaction for next time. Setting and achieving goals regularly provides a measurable way to ensure happy and healthy essential workers in your government facility. 

SEBCSI works tirelessly to ensure that your government Smart building is as safe as possible for your essential employees. We have many ways to ensure that these guidelines are easy to understand for any government organization interested in getting started with a safe re-entry plan to their Smart building. We know how important it is to make sure your employees feel as secure as they can while at work and are here to help you accomplish that. Feel free to reach out for more information about keeping your employees feeling safe and healthy every day. 


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