Preventing Breakdowns On Your Electrical Distribution Infrastructure

Learn how to prevent breakdowns on your electrical distribution infrastructure.

Learn how to prevent breakdowns on your electrical distribution infrastructure.

Ensuring the proper functionality of electrical distribution infrastructure in the industry is among the top priorities for keeping a business running without breakdowns. Problems are often discovered too late, which results in operational losses and urgent maintenance, exposing your employees to critical risks. However, there is a way to avoid these setbacks- embrace new technologies such as a condition-based monitoring system. Continue reading to learn how to prevent breakdowns on your electrical distribution infrastructure with a good monitoring system.

Need For Monitoring System

Monitoring is crucial for all industries, as electrical equipment failures are very expensive and cost millions of dollars in damage and lost business every year. However, more than two-thirds of electrical system failures can be prevented with the use of a good maintenance program. A study found that the failure rate of electrical equipment is three times higher for parts that are not on a scheduled preventive maintenance program, proving that preventive maintenance is essential for all businesses.

Predictive Services

With the rise of the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIOT, comes the development of new condition-based monitoring services that are continuously sending data to a Service Bureau. A group of experts then use Machine Learning technology to monitor and analyze asset health to anticipate downtime and manage possible risk, and create personalized reports for your specific equipment. It also allows companies to achieve financial efficiency by having stronger control over the energy, performance, and operation budget. While we once had reactive maintenance and preventive maintenance, we now have predictive maintenance to collect and analyze data to then take action.

Every company strives to ensure employees protection and secure operational excellence, and we now have the ability to predict when an incident could happen, even before there are any visible indications of a problem. Thanks to artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, predictive services for electrical distribution infrastructure is a reality.

Real-Time Data

Preventive services also allow you to monitor your electrical distribution assets by sending real-time data to your device. With this information, you can schedule your equipment maintenance based on the regular analytical reports that were created to minimize breakdowns and prevent any unplanned behavior. Simply connect your critical asset to the Cloud to start continuous monitoring and to access real-time data about your equipment performance right from your smartphone. This way, you will be notified of any emergencies on your personal device so you can respond right away.


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