Priorities for Building Today’s Micro Data Centers

Priorities for Building Today’s Micro Data Centers

Industrial and commercial companies alike are rapidly adopting new technologies to drive up their performance and productivity. Among these solutions includes incorporating micro data centers into their facility infrastructure.

Industrial and commercial companies alike are rapidly adopting new technologies to drive up their performance and productivity. Among these solutions includes incorporating micro data centers into their facility infrastructure. 

The idea of edge computing and edge data centers has intrigued many and proven its applications useful in this digital age. With increased leveraging of Internet Of Things connectivity and meeting rising demands for instantaneous analytics, these massive quantities of data generated by corporations require more localized and personalized data center solutions now more than ever. This is where micro data centers come into play. As we implement micro data centers, the following factors should remain top-of-mind. 

Digital and Physical Security

All critical IT assets must be guarded against cyber-attacks as well as environmental threats. Fortunately, micro data centers offer flexible management options for IT professionals to monitor the system and servers — be it the provider, a partner, or your in-house experts. While the data integrity of these systems is covered, we also need to consider their physical security. EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers line offers different series to suit each unique environment. There are system units built for traditional IT environments and office spaces, but more rugged models are available to suit deployment in more harsh settings, such as industrial or remote areas. When choosing the right system for your facility, consider whether dust, moisture, and other environmental exposures might pose a problem.

Remote Management Capabilities

Edge centers are known to be deployed in rather isolated geographies. Therefore, remote management remains a critical component of micro data centers and most other infrastructure technologies. As mentioned, companies could assign their in-house experts to monitor their data servers and performance, but these experts aren’t necessarily available on-site. Instead, IT staff service their edge centers from centralized stations. Micro data centers should be integrated with platform solutions that allow for transparent and seamless management of company-wide devices.

Adaptable, All-In-One Solution

So far, it sounds like deploying one of these micro data centers requires the extensive acquisition of equipment and hardware, then painstaking assembly of these components into your existing infrastructure. In reality, companies can look for all-in-one solutions that work within their own self-contained enclosure. That way, power, cooling, security, and the necessary management platform software can all be deployed at once wherever it’s needed. Companies are looking for an adaptable solution to fit into their current infrastructure. Therefore, it makes sense for the delivered product to account for the multiple aspects of operating a data center beyond just the server hardware.

EcoStruxure Micro Data Center from Schneider Electric

EcoStruxure Micro Data Center is poised to replace your IT room with an edge data center, fit on site where you need it. Unlock the next stages of your company’s digital transformation with this secure and straightforward packaged solution. 


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